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Introducing Miss November…

Before I became a mum, I achieved a BSc Hons Degree in Environmental Management. I laughed with friends and family. I enjoyed hobbies from ballet to tae-kwando. I experienced the perfect wedding day. I enjoyed exotic holidays and relaxing duvet days…

When I had children my world turned upside down, having your own family is all consuming and you have to embrace the madness. Life now consists of school-runs, homework, Peppa Pig, family days out and waking up with a child’s toe up your nose… All of which are awesome in their own right! I’m a mum but I’m also a person in my own right and I’m a pole and aerial addict!

I truly love breastfeeding… Sometimes I just gaze in to my little girl’s eyes and reconnect. Sometimes I nurse on the go, as breastfeeding is part of my daily life and can be while I’m stood in the queue at the supermarket or whilst helping my son with his homework.

Breastmilk itself is amazing; its nutritional value, immune boosting properties and healing powers are second to none. Also the bond it creates between mother and child, and the comforting and calming properties it gives is a beautiful gift… (Plus it is so much nicer to cuddle up under the blanket on a cold night and breastfeed than it is to get out of bed and head to the kitchen at 2am).

cathyb&wThe most awesome breastfeeding experiences are those when the world just carries on around you, nobody pays any attention to you, as you are doing the most normal and natural thing in the world!

Nobody has ever reacted negatively to me in public, not that I remember, maybe I am just thick-skinned! However when a member of your own family is negative about your breastfeeding journey, that is the worst experience and stays with you…

My most awesome breastfeeding experience amongst many, was when my daughter was born at home and she had her first feed, with my son sleeping upstairs and my husband by my side, it was simply magical.

I suffer from postnatal depression and looking at my tiny son whilst I fed him, but being unable to fully feel the depth of my love for him; will always be my saddest breastfeeding memory.

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Introducing the Misses October…

Our Misses October are two of the awesome women behind the camera who made the calendar possible.

Here’s one of their stories:

I used to be a super fit kickboxer and was training to compete before I became pregnant.
I’m pretty proud of the fact I didn’t take a single sick day during my pregnancy even though some days I wanted to crawl in a hole and sleep forever. I’m proud of course giving birth to my son with no pain relief whatsoever, even though he was back to back and it took 3 days!!

Every day is an awesome day when you are a mum, watching my little guy grow and learn new things is amazing!

My favourite thing about breastfeeding? I love how no matter how stressful your day is you can have 10-15 minutes on the sofa having boobie snuggles and recharging.
When my son was new and latched on for 40 minutes at a time I was able to Skype my brother in Vietnam, order Christmas presents online and arrange coffee dates all with one hand on an iPhone!

cosleepgroup superheromontageb&w teapforoctThere was a time I was seriously thinking of giving up breastfeeding and giving into the formula pressure. When my baby was around 6 weeks I had a terrible day of nonstop cluster feeding.
I sat down and latched him on and he reached up and touched my face and looked me straight in the eyes, I knew from then we could make it work together. And we have even through the pre teething biting, ouchie!

I am so fortunate to have never had a bad experience of breastfeeding in public in 15 months of feeding on demand.
My FIRST ever time I was in town and headed back to my car to feed a very unhappy newborn when a friend stopped me and offered to get a coffee with me so I wouldn’t be alone!
I had to use shields at the beginning and found it quite stressful to get my little boy latched, but she kept me calm and bought me a cookie and I’ll never forget it.

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Introducing Miss September…

I became a mom at 17, it was the most amazing thing in the world. I had known from an early age I wanted to be a mommy and I just couldn’t wait! I had a very easy pregnancy and super fast birth (3 hrs 21 minutes!) but unfortunately the midwife asked me what milk I wanted for my daughter and I was never encouraged to breastfeed. Being 17 I knew nothing about breastfeeding and was very self-conscious about myself so I didn’t think about doing it.

I brought my eldest up on my own for eight years after the relationship with her father turned violent. Luckily I had a very supportive family. During this time I did a few courses at college and became a Teaching Assistant at a local High School.

I then met my husband. I never thought I would meet anyone I trusted enough to let into our lives but he changed my mind pretty quickly. We very quickly decided we would like children. Unfortunately our first baby grew angel wings when I was six weeks. After 12 months we started trying again. We were over the moon when we discovered I was pregnant. Unfortunately when I was 11 weeks pregnant our baby grew angel wings, we were devastated.

I fell pregnant five months later and after a worrying nine months we had a beautiful little girl. I knew right from the start I wanted to breastfeed and although we had some difficulties due to slow weight gain and me having to top her up, I fed her for five months.

Two years later we decided to try for another baby and again I fell pregnant very quickly. We were so excited, but unfortunately at eight weeks pregnant our baby grew angel wings, I was devastated and decided I couldn’t put myself through it again and decided to stop trying.


We had an enormous shock on Boxing Day 2012 when after feeling sick and dizzy I did a test to rule out pregnancy. In no way did I think I could be, but there was no denying those two pink lines. At seven weeks I started to bleed and as we sat waiting for a scan we were preparing ourselves for the worst. When we saw our baby’s heartbeat we couldn’t believe it! We were even more shocked when at 20 weeks we found out we were expecting a boy. We had convinced ourselves we could only carry girls!

Our son really is our little miracle. We have been breastfeeding now for 14 months with no sign of stopping. He is a little dot and doesn’t gain much weight but he is so happy and clever – he started walking at 10 and a half months! We are loving our breastfeeding journey. We have been to two protests to show our support for breastfeeding mothers to have the right to feed wherever they want, whenever their baby needs it, which led us to feeding on national TV and being in lots of newspapers!

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Introducing Miss August…

Before I became a mum I dabbled in just about all the jobs available. Now I am a mum I find myself to be busier than ever and not being paid a penny. Yet it seems to me to be the most important and most productive work I have ever done! I am Secretary of my son’s school’s PTA and Parent Governor for the school. I feel directly able to contribute to my children’s education, working alongside a school that is really passionate about its pupils. I joined The Green Party and stood as a candidate for Belgrave in last year’s local election. This year I will be standing as candidate for Wilnecote and also for MP for Tamworth. This will be the first time that The Green Party has fielded a Parliamentary candidate in Tamworth, so I’m delighted to be part of the experience, and also terrified beyond belief at throwing myself out there. I am an active member of the Wilnecote and Hockley Residents group and also a steering committee that hopes to bring the Old Wilnecote Board School into community ownership and preserve the services for the community and future generations.

I attended The Rugeley Mass Feed that Emily Slough organised after she was labelled a “Tramp” on social media. Emily had arranged a DJ and there were helium balloons and a huge crowd, there was a real street party atmosphere. I found myself talking to a wide group of women, some of whom had travelled for hours to be there, to support a woman’s right to feed without prejudice and fear. As I spoke to Emily I found her to be an intelligent and articulate young woman and I marvelled at the way she had dealt with such a negative attack and turned it into a huge positive. I spoke on Radio 5 live after the event and helped spread the word about Free to Feed, and I attended the Tamworth Sports Direct nurse in and organised the Herald to join us to spread the story far and wide.

augb&wI wish I had found BIBS when I first began my breastfeeding journey with my son. The first time I left the house with my son and tried to go shopping my mum took us out. My son screamed down the supermarket, so I fed him in the feeding room, this took half an hour, we went to another shop and ten minutes later we were in another feeding room, half an hour again, then again and again. I spent more time in feeding rooms and toilets than out and I didn’t have the confidence to feed in public. Fast forward to my daughter in the same supermarket needing feeding and I sat down next to the clothes aisle and fed her. My mum asked if I wanted to go to the rooms, nope!

I was overjoyed to become pregnant a second time and told everyone early, especially as I was already showing and I needed to get the maternity clothes out. Unfortunately I miscarried three days before my 12 week scan, I started bleeding on my 30th birthday. We were at Center Parcs and it was the worst thing I have ever experienced, my son was one and a half and had a terrible cold so all he wanted was boobie. I went to feed him after it happened as he was crying for me as I was crouched in the shower crying my heart out. I was distraught, but he needed me and I fed him and couldn’t stop crying.

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Introducing Miss July…

I can remember holding my pet guinea pigs skin to skin to offer them warmth when they were poorly. I must have only been about eleven at the time. So I have always had a strong maternal instinct. By the time I was about 14 I formed strong beliefs that I would breastfeed my children despite not being breastfed myself. I went on to study midwifery. At some point during my training I began to produce milk and this was met with concern. I informed the Endocrinologist that it resulted from the time spent around newborn babies and declined any further investigation.

As a midwife I gained experience in providing breastfeeding support, all the time longing to one day nurture a child of my own. Two years on I met my soul mate. We got engaged and I discovered that I was pregnant. Two days before my wedding it was confirmed that my pregnancy was no longer viable. I opted for a conservative management of miscarriage as I could not bear to think that I was sending my baby away. Two weeks later I was rushed into hospital dehydrated and weighing only 35kg. I experienced a molar pregnancy. My breasts filled with milk two days after passing my loss. I recall hand expressing a little milk and feeling desperately sad that there was no baby.

Eventually I was able to conceive again and once more experienced hyperemesis. I could barely walk into the scan room fearing another molar pregnancy. Tears rolled down my face when I saw tiny little pixels flickering. I have experienced subsequent pregnancy losses but breastfeeding my children has given me great comfort during these times. My firstborn arrived four weeks early and nearly 300 miles from home. All I had with me was a set of maternity notes but it didn’t matter. I had waited such a long time for this moment. My daughter fed beautifully and I held her constantly. I adored my beautiful newborn’s smell and avoided people wearing perfume from holding her.


I now have three daughters who I home educate. I remember nursing my eldest whilst I was in early labour with my second daughter. My newborn’s first breastfeed was in tandem with her big sister. During those early days my confident nursling suckled when my breasts felt heavy and full. This was a godsend. The girls often nursed in tandem and my eldest daughter would tenderly stroke her little sister while they both nursed.

I have been breastfeeding without a gap since becoming a mother nine years ago – over a quarter of my life. I expressed at a rock concert once. Breastfeeding is just an ordinary part of my everyday life. I see confidently, contentedly nursing in public as an opportunity to normalise breastfeeding and empower women who see me. But when my middle daughter was just eight weeks old and I was nursing in the dairy aisle of a supermarket an older lady approached me, expressed her disgust at me for breastfeeding my child in public and called me an exhibitionist. I challenged her and I can only hope that she would in future not choose to confront another nursing mother. My girls will all grow up with positive memories of being breastfed. I feel this will have a huge positive impact on their own body image. I hope that they will have the confidence and desire to nurture their own children through breastfeeding if they become mothers themselves.

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Introducing Miss June…

I grew up living with my extended family, the daughter of a local Rock legend and left home at 16. I graduated from my Law degree as a mature student with first class honours, but by then had become much more politically minded. So I spent the next five years carrying out research into political education as well as founding and running local and national student support groups. I hosted huge parties and directed a couple of plays for my Oxford college and met the man of my dreams. Finding I was too renegade to fit in as a good scholar, I retrained as a Wedding Celebrant so I could fulfil my heart’s lifelong desire to be a full-time homemaker and educator for my very own large family.

We moved house when our eldest was a month old having already taken him to work with me to a wedding in Devon at ten days old, breastfeeding on the motorway, contorting my body so he could feed in his car seat. We lived for 9 uncomfortable and stressful weeks in two rooms without a bed, a kitchen or a bath, while we gutted our dilapidated country house. I’d spend all day stripping paper, paint, and bagging up rubble, breastfeeding in overalls with my bra and hair full of dust and dirt, sat on an upturned bucket or crate.

Overcoming my initial despair at not seeming to be able to breastfeed properly I felt immense relief when I realised I could trust my body and my baby to make it work. I managed to persevere through excruciating shooting pains down my arms and torso for weeks and I breastfed through a year of postnatal depression, building an ever stronger bond with my baby.

jenb&wContinuing to breastfeed despite pressure to stop because my milk is drying up, I’m not producing enough milk, I need more rest, my toddler no longer needs breast milk, because we have company, because someone is eating. Despite the watching eyes even of other mums and grandmothers their gaze only on my child feeding, never at my face, and their mouths concerned, in a half-frown, never a smile. Continuing to breastfeed my babies in and out the home, with a smile on my face makes me feel eternally and utterly empowered. I love knowing that every time I breastfeed it is between me and my baby. No one else exists in that moment. Nobody can rip us apart as long as I have the strength of will to believe that my opinion matters more than anyone else’s when we’re in our breastfeeding bubble.

I have the joy of my tandem nurslings holding hands yet to come. For now I love breastfeeding in the bath, and in bed with my husband. Breastfeeding never gets in the way. I reconnect with my family by breastfeeding immediately after I perform a wedding ceremony. Boobie is the only thing apart from chocolate that can calm and balance my two year old struggling to handle his emotions. To me, breastfeeding is such an easy gift to give my children while they need it. And it is the most perfect expression of my intention to give myself wholeheartedly to them for as long as they ask me to.

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Introducing Miss April…

I am from Germany where I really loved my job and had some great experiences. I travelled a lot to visit different suppliers and was also able travel a lot during my holidays. I went only with my backpack and a plan where to go for the first night, then taking every day as it came. I love this kind of traveling and saw some really awesome places in Thailand, India, South Africa.

Of the best things I did on these trips with my partner, the first was to walk with lions and the second was a walking safari in the Krueger Park where we actually found a pride of lions with cubs. It was very dangerous but the rangers with us had rifles. This was a good thing, because they started charging and we had to back off very slowly, but the adrenalin rush from this close encounter lasted the whole day.

After some years in my challenging job I had enough of working 60 hours or more a week and decided to move to Portugal to my partner, staying 6 years in Portugal close to Lisbon and enjoyed every minute. We had a beautiful wedding in Portugal, and came to England 2 years ago.

In Portugal we were told that there was not a great chance of conceiving naturally, and we were looking at the possibility of IVF being our only chance of having a family. So it was completely awesome to find out that I had become pregnant 3 months after moving to England.

yvonneb&wTo be a mum is just the best thing I ever did. My boy is everything to me and I am there for him. We play a lot having a great time. I don’t plan to go back to work immediately, only maybe when my boy is older. For now I am just enjoying the time together. It is a very rewarding 24/7 occupation.

When I breastfeed I get my social life going. I can be writing and answering emails. Reading magazines. Phone people to stay in contact. But the best thing is just to enjoy my son close to me. Sometimes I just watch him and feel very proud.

The worst breastfeeding moment I had was when he bit me really hard the first time so I had to hold his nose that he let go of my breast. But the best was as my baby latched on the first time after I had a c-section. He just latched on as though he had done this for many years and looked at me. I felt so much joy and I was so proud.

I love breastfeeding, to be so close to my baby and the bond it brings. When my little boy feeds and at the same time talks to my breast, it is so funny and always makes me laugh. Or when he looks up to me I just can feel so much love between us and this is just wonderful and fills me with happiness.

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Introducing Miss March…

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